Red Owner  •  Gimbal Operator  •  DOP  •  Director  •  Photographer

Red Owner  •  Gimbal Operator  •  DOP  •  Director  •  Photographer

  • Slade Kemmet
    Slade Kemmet Photographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller

    Always looking for the next great shot, Slade Kemmet has dedicated his career to telling important stories. His work primarily focuses on the efforts of nonprofits, startups, do-gooders, and companies looking to make a difference. Storytelling might be his job, but telling stories that make the world a better place, now that’s his passion!

    Based in the Twin Cities, Slade Kemmet has partnered with organizations doing work from the United States to Central America to Africa to the Middle East. Kemmet regularly works with PBS to create Emmy award-winning short and long-form documentary stories. In addition to numerous NGO projects, Kemmet works with a number of clients creating commercial photography and video. Previously, he spent time working as a video editor and promotions producer for a NBC affiliate news station.

    When he’s not on set, Slade Kemmet is an avid wildlife photographer and videographer looking for any excuse to get out in the field. His favorite trips include photographing and filming brown bears in Alaska, elk and fox in Rocky Mountain National Park, bison and wolves in Yellowstone, bighorn sheep in Badlands National Park, and countless birds throughout the Midwest.

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