• Slade Kemmet
    Slade Kemmet Photographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller

    Hey, I’m Slade, and I love to tell stories! I started Slade Kemmet Media as a way to cater to nonprofits, community organizations, startups, and do-gooders to help them tell their story. Whether it’s photography, video, or websites, I work with organizations to get their message out into the world. Storytelling is my job, but telling stories that make the world a better place, now that’s my passion!

    Based in the Twin Cities, I have partnered with organizations doing work from the Midwest to Central America to West Africa. Recently I worked with Kuder, Inc. in Rwanda and the United Arab Emirates creating photos and videos to showcase the impact they are making in education and career planning strategies. Compatible Technology International hired me to create images and videos highlighting their new agricultural technology in Senegal, helping eliminate famine and relieve poverty. I have worked closely with EOS International for years creating powerful images used for organizational awareness and fundraising as well as producing dozens of videos that in turn benefit the hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans EOS serves. With Enlace Project, I documented the cross-cultural partnership being made to allow small, rural coffee farmers to live comfortably and sustainably.  I regularly work with PBS to create short and long form documentary stories for television.

    In addition to numerous NGO projects, I work with a number of clients creating commercial photography and video. I also spent time working as a video editor and promotions producer for an NBC affiliate news station.

    Throughout the years I have worked as a graphic designer, marketing associate, and marketing consultant for nonprofits across America. My unique understanding of, and experience with, nonprofit organizations, fundraising, and marketing strategy make me a well-rounded hire. Furthermore, my ability to shoot quality video and photos simultaneously make for a great asset when both time and budgets may have limitations.

Have a project in mind? Shoot me an email for more information on equipment, capabilities, or a project quote!