“Photography is a love affair with life.”

Whether it’s documentary work, nonprofit stories, or capturing the life of an event, photography enables us to stop time and capture the joy, struggle, and emotion of life. Slade Kemmet Media offers photography services including capturing events and documentary storytelling for nonprofits, community organizations, and small businesses.


If photography has the ability to freeze a moment in time, then video has the power to let you relive it. Telling stories is my passion, and Slade Kemmet Media lives to create emotional, memorable video. From tales of triumph to accounts of adversity, there’s a story to be told in your organization, and I want to help you tell it. SKM offers writing, videography, editing, and animation services letting you bring your story to life.


The website is the face of an organization in this digital age, and so it is imperative to have a site that represents the good work you do. Slade Kemmet Media helps you create powerful and reliable WordPress sites that are easy to navigate, nice to look at, and gets your message across clearly. Many nonprofits, small businesses, and other dogooders too often neglect to improve the tool in which the world views them.

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